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Get Out Of Jail Free Cards

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Society's Guide To: White Privilege - Criticality


Criticality Brief - Identify orthodoxies in the real world and create something to challenge and reinscribe these ideas.

For the Brief I decided to look at how people currently combat Racial Bias and the effect it has on people. By creating these satirical spreads I wanted to challenge peoples beliefs and the figures people look to when issues like Racial Bias occur. By playing on the idea of white privilege and the US president i am able to play on ideas that are already in the real world but do so in a new way in which it catches the reader off guard and gets them to think about issues around them or how they may act themselves.

By referencing all information and points with clear research about the topic I am able to convey not only a satirical message but one that also puts across the truth of what issues people are facing in the real world as well as their feelings about the topic itself.