Brief - The Goal of this project is to create a campaign that shows the effects that current masculinity standards have on males throughout their lives. 

By seeing the negative effects these standards have I plan to create a campaign that counteracts the feelings of Depression, Anxiety and loneliness that can lead to the greatest killer of males - Suicide. 


This campaign will create a talking point among males and peers that will raise awareness of the issue. This campaign will also offer information on where individuals affected can go to gain either a greater understanding or help if they believe they need it.

My Response - I created a print and online campaign to raise awareness of mental health in males and the issue of these males not feeling like they can talk about any challenges they may be facing. Using real celebrity stories these designs attempt to break the stigma around mental health and the feeling that to be a “real man” men have to keep themselves bottled up at all time. 


They do so in the way they convey the very real struggles that these celebrities have faced on their journey to get to where they are today and allow people to see that the way they may be feeling is perfectly natural and can be improved if they reach out and talk to someone. By sharing these stories they create a talking point among us as people and get us to look around at the males in our lives and get us to consider how they are feeling even if they don’t want to think about it themselves.