Example of Social Media Implementation 

NRW - HOW TO: Poster Campaign


A series of posters to promote flood awareness in students moving into and/or living in their brand new student houses. I was given the task of creating a way to raise awareness of the risks of flooding and the need to plan for it. The NRW wanted a way to reach the 16-25 demographic (focusing in mainly on students). I created these designs to be used in both physical form and digital as to allow them to reach as many people as possible. I went with a satirical approach to convey the serious issue as students are much more open to seeing reason when it is shown to them in a interesting way.

Client Feedback:

Very professional looking printed materials.  Good practical advice incorporated into leaflet. Good sense of humour and great approach, can see this working on multiple platforms, including social media.  Good example of Instagram layout, allowed us to visualise the finished product.  Could also see this being adopted across the NRW brand for other publicity materials.