The Idea: 

My Idea is to combine Hellmann’s belief in reducing food waste with Amazons Technologically advanced stores to create a solution that reduces food waste in a simple and easy to use way. 

The Goal:

The goal of this service is to take out the stress and hassle that can come with keeping track of your food and their use-by dates. Using this service, it will track your food purchases as well as their individual information (quantity, use-by Date, etc.) 


By tracking this information, it allows you to quickly and easily find out what you need to use up before being thrown away. Also, by providing you with this information it allows you to quickly decide what should be prioritised for use as well as reducing waste due to items of food going off or rotten. This service is effective as it allows you to track the potential food waste but doesn’t stop the food from being wasted when still in perfectly edible condition as it allows the user to make their own judgements based off of the information provided. 

To communicate this idea I designed an app that when in use it allows the user to keep track of food / stock that they have purchased. 

Creating this app means that it easily accessible by anyone with a smartphone and internet connection. By using the smartphone platform, it means that people are able to access the service while out and about as well as at home. The main feature of this app means that it has to be accessible whenever the user needs it. 


By having the User be able to login with either their details or their thumbprint it means that the user is able to access the service on other phones and terminals if needed.

To keep track of their purchases the user has 2 options to pick from. 

The first being to shop in any Amazon Go store. 
By using the QR code to enter the store they are able to go around and get the items they require and leave the store and in doing so be charged via the bank card connected to the account.

Ability to add individual items if food is bought without a receipt / barcode available.

The second being if the user cannot travel to these specific Amazon Go stores then they are able to scan the barcodes on their receipts from other stores and the app will automatically formulate the information needed, thus allowing the user to quickly add information from multiple stores. 

Users are able to remove items when either thrown out or consumed.

Allowing the user to select multiple items for quick deletion to save time and effort.

The app then takes information like the Use-by date and quantity and formulates it into a table so the user can easily see what they have purchased. By colour coding this table it is able to clearly show to the user what is going out of date or is already out of date and should be checked before use. This way it reminds the user to use certain pieces of food where available so as to reduce food waste. 

Using the information taken from the users food shop, the app offers the ability to look up recipes for the user to cook. This allows the user to use up food that will soon be going off, this way it nudges the user into using up food that otherwise would have likely been thrown out. 

Once the service is in place the app can be applied to future devices to allow the user access to their information anyway they like. This could be using an apple watch to access the stores or using their home table to access their shopping history. By keeping the service focused on an app it means its easily ported from device to device and could even be incorporated into the stores themselves in the future. 

The Brief:

Create a Hellmann’s branded device, publication or service that addresses the issue of food wastage. Your design should be a response to a point in the supply chain where food is often wasted – this could be in the home, such as leftover food that’s overlooked or left behind when people go on holiday, or in restaurants or stores, when over-ordered or expired goods get binned. Choose either the home, the store, or the restaurant as the focus for your solution.