My Life


Hi, I'm Patrick and I'm a 22-year-old Graphic Communication graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University. 


I've been creative since I was a kid and I have always grown up drawing and creating in any way I could think of. I found out about Graphic Design when I was studying in secondary school. Here I thought "wow, a job where you can actually get paid to create designs that other people would see and use! I'm in".


The way I've thought about Graphic Design has changed a lot over the years that I was studying, I found my motivation has changed from just wanting to make a simple logo for a coffee shop in my small town. To now wanting to make a real impact on the world and attempt to better it in some way, shape or form. 


This is primarily where my passion for campaign work comes from as I love the idea of my work helping the world in some way rather than just making something look "nice".


Although I am currently specialised in print and illustrative design I am always looking to try new things and experiences to get the best results. I have aspirations to build my skills and develop them further, looking more towards photography and animation in the near future as to be able to get the right outcome for my clients and their ideas.


Currently looking to join an In-House Design company to truly be able to develop my skills further while being surrounded by creative people. If you are part of such a company or know of anyone who may be able to help feel free to use my contact page to get in touch.